Narcissistic Abuse Erectile Dysfunction!

Erectile dysfunction and narcissism are two psychological concepts that might consume many other elements of your life if you experience them. But, you may be astonished to hear that these events, which appear completely different on the surface, may be related. Erectile dysfunction has been linked to hypermasculine narcissism, according to experts. Surprisingly, knowing this relationship may also be the key to successfully addressing both issues with therapy. Here we have talked about narcissistic abuse and erectile dysfunction! Keep reading till the end!

What becomes of a narcissist with erectile dysfunction?

Narcissists always have a contingency plan. They’ll try anything they can’t achieve with their penis with their fingers and tongue. In most circumstances, they will meet and exceed the standard in this manner until they feel they have pleased you. You’re on your own after that.

They’ll refuse oral sex yet expect you to almost bite their nipples off while masturbating. Apologies for the digression. To answer your question, they will have a backup plan, and if that plan fails, their spouse will be blamed for no longer turning them on or appealing to them.

What happens when a narcissist gets ED?

This will happen when a narcissist gets an rectile dysfunction:

  • They will very certainly deny it.
  • When they don’t, they’ll blame you and/or everything and everyone else in their lives.
  • They will almost certainly refuse to go to the doctor if you tell them to.
  • They’ll probably start bragging about their sexual skills even more.
  • They will continue to hold you accountable.
  • If you manage to convince them to see a doctor, they will still blame you and most likely refuse to do what the doctor advises.
  • Alternatively, they will take Viagra or another medication and then brag about how amazing it makes them feel and perform; everyone should take this. Naturally, they will continue to blame you for the problem.

How do you recognize a narcissistic pervert?

He’ll be addicted to porn and have no guilt about it. Indeed, it’s “natural” and “everyone does it,” but he’s very proud of himself. It is not necessarily edgy but is entitled to and styled after. Porn is his untouchable position in the hierarchy’s propaganda.

This porn addiction is also part of narcissistic masculine socialization. Still, most guys think they should only go there in circles where porn and prostitutes, strip clubs, and infidelity are approved bonding rituals.

Courtship will be intense at first, then fade to complete disinterest. His real-life stimulants are novelty and sex with partners who don’t want it.

If you accept porn, you can learn about his beliefs of other entitlements to women’s bodies that exist to pleasure him. He’ll eventually “joke” about CP and sex robots/dolls, rape and necrophilia—the ultimate expressions of sexual domination—but for the most part, and he’ll be into choking and anal, both as violent and extreme as possible.

And he expects his partners to comply, either gladly or coercively, but never unwillingly, and never asks, “Wtf is wrong with you, seriously?” Alternatively, ‘what do I receive in return?’ unless he pays you.

His ideal spouse has been mistreated by patriarchy—abused by others, abused as a child—but he will not hesitate to break any proud woman with limits who refuses to take his self-aggrandizing seriously.

Narcissistic abuse Erectile Dysfunction: Does pleasure on its own work?

Narcissists enjoy anything that reduces physical contact and feelings with others. As a result, the partner frequently prefers to find pleasure in autonomy.

It’s something mechanical, with no involvement; thus, to let go, it requires progressively powerful stimuli, such as increasingly graphic videos.

It is common for a person suffering from narcissism to choose unconventional activities, such as being merciless dominators under the sheets: this provides their brain a stronger stimulant than traditional interactions.

Regardless, in the long term, their brain no longer responds to such impulses as it should, and they will be unable to sense any interest in the relationship.

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