How to Become a Prejac?

Just use one finger with lube to rub your frenulum and record your times from the first stroke to the moment of no return. This will help you become a prejac. If you want to see naked women, you should only use women who are dressed as an indicator of appearance. Less skin is better, and you should masturbate three to four times a week. To put it another way, every other day.

If you do these things, you will quickly become a prejac. As you get better, lessen the excitement you see and feel even more. The final goal is to orgasm to a picture of a woman who is fully dressed. Below, you can read more about each step and what you can do to make the training more fun and useful.

How to Become a Prejac?

Here, we have discussed the detailed ways to be a prejac as soon as possible.

Buy a Stopwatch

People use a scale to rate films, dollars to rate the value of goods, and a clock to rate your skill when you ejaculate too early. You won’t know if you are getting faster if you don’t write down your times. You shouldn’t try to ejaculate too soon if you can’t tell if it’s working.

Get a real timer. They’re not expensive. A good one costs about $15 (check price). My girlfriend likes to think of it as a sex toy. She loves being in charge of the timer.

Keep Track of Your Times at all Times

how to become a prejac

If you won’t keep track, why are you timing yourself? Make a quick Excel sheet on Google Docs and plot your times. You can make a graph from some data once you have it. It is very hot to see you go down. I’ve often jerked off to the steep drop on my chart. It’s worth it. Write them down, at the very least.

Use Only One Finger

While you’re making love, the faster you will go, the less physical pleasure you use. When you have sex and stimulate 100% of your penis, you will finish a lot faster than when you only stimulate 5% of it. As you keep working, lower the level of stimulation even more. Put on more clothes between rubbing, rub a spot that isn’t as sensitive, or try to finish without using your hands. To become hands-free and do it all the time is the goal. Do you think it’s possible to get inside a pussy without camping if you can come hands-free in 30 seconds?

Use Only Clothed Women

During coupling, you will move faster if you don’t do much that involves sight. If you’re used to jerking to a woman who is fully dressed, a naked woman will be too much for you, which will make you cum faster. It can be hard to get used to porn that isn’t as exciting, but you’ll be glad you put in the work. Use more everyday pictures over time, starting with bikinis and moving on to women in short shorts, jeans, and clothes that hide their bodies’ curves.

It’s very helpful to use the Trigger method for this exercise. Watch any porn you like, and just as you’re about to orgasm, put on a picture of something less sexual and stare at it closely while you orgasm. Like, watch some wild gangbang bukkake and then look closely at a picture of a woman in shorts. Look at them very closely while you come. Make it full-screen.

This method works very well and can make you want to be sexual with ANYTHING, not just dressed women. The picture that sets off the alarm should be as ordinary as a worn-out pair of trousers. You’ve done well when all you need to cum is a picture of used trousers. People who have a foot fetish or WANT to get one will find this method useful. Watch out when you use this method.

Masturbate Three to Four Times a Week

In 2019, our study found that the prejacs who do it the most do it three to four times a week. People who masturbate occasionally probably won’t get any good results. I understand how hard it is to resist the urge to masturbate several times a day, but it is very important that you only do it every other day.

Final Words

There have been many types of training on this sub. It took a lot of practice, research, and studies to make this version possible. This method works if you use it regularly.

There will be progress quickly. In the first week, many people cut their time in half. It used to take me 30 minutes or more to train, but now I only take 9 seconds on average. Even though it’s been eight months, I still can’t last more than 30 seconds if I try. Some people on this sub have had even better experiences, like orgasming over and over again while trying to put on a condom or while making their wives happy. This is very strong stuff.

Don’t be scared with this in mind. It is GOOD to ejaculate too soon. A lot of women don’t come when they are penetrated; they prefer other ways to be stimulated. Most guys only think about how long they can last and not how much fun they have. We need to accept and love being prejac and fight this long-standing social shame about our sexual and physical abilities.

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