How to get rid of Onion Smell on Hands?

Are you tired of the persistent onion smell clinging to your hands long after you’ve finished cooking? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will provide practical solutions to remove onion smell from your hands. Say goodbye to unwanted scents and embrace a fresh and clean sensation with these effective tips.

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Why do they smell like onions after eating them?

Some people experience an onion-like smell after eating certain foods, such as onions themselves or garlic, due to a compound called allyl methyl sulfide (AMS). AMS is a sulfur-containing compound in allium foods, including onions, garlic, shallots, and chives.

When you consume foods that contain AMS, the compound is absorbed into your bloodstream and eventually reaches your lungs. From there, it is exhaled when you breathe, resulting in a noticeable odor on your breath. In addition to breath odor, AMS can also be excreted through your pores when you sweat, leading to an onion-like smell on your skin.

AMS causes this specific smell because it contains sulfur, which has a distinct pungent odor. As the body metabolizes sulfur compounds, the characteristic smell is released.

It’s worth noting that not everyone experiences this phenomenon to the same extent. Some individuals have a higher concentration of the enzymes responsible for breaking down AMS, resulting in a less noticeable odor after consuming foods containing this compound. On the other hand, individuals with lower enzyme activity may experience a more pronounced odor.

While the smell can bother some people, it is harmless and temporary. It typically fades away as the body metabolizes and eliminates the compounds responsible for the odor. Practising good oral hygiene, such as brushing your teeth and mouthwash, can help minimize lingering breath odor.

If you find the odor particularly bothersome or persistent, you can try chewing on parsley, mint leaves, or other herbs that are known for their breath-freshening properties. These can help mask the smell temporarily.

The body’s metabolization and excretion of particular sulfur compounds cause the onion-like smell after eating foods like onions or garlic. It is a normal physiological process and should not cause concern.

How do you get rid of the onion smell on your hands?

It can be hard to eliminate the smell of onions on your hands, but there are a few good ways to do it. Here are some easy ways to get rid of the onion smell on your hands:

Soap and Water

Washing your hands well with soap (check price) and water is one of the best ways to eliminate the smell of onions. Use a mild hand soap and wash your hands, especially to the smelliest spots. Rinse your hands with water and pat them dry.

Stainless Steel

Rubbing your hands against stainless steel can help eliminate the smell of onions. Wet your hands and rub them against a stainless steel spoon or knife for 30 seconds while the water runs. This process breaks down the sulfur molecules that are responsible for the smell.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural deodorizer that works well to eliminate the smell of onions. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice onto your hands and rub them together for a minute or two. Use water to clean up. Lemon juice helps get rid of odors because it is acidic. This makes your hands smell fresh.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are known for soaking up strong smells, like onions. Rub a handful of coffee grounds on your hands for a few minutes. Rinse the onion smell away with water, and the coffee smell will take its place.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an item that can be used in many ways and can help get rid of onion smell from your hand. Mix a small amount of water with baking soda to make a paste. Rub the paste into your hands, paying attention to the places that smell like onions. Rinse the baking soda with water, which will help eliminate the smell.


Vinegar is another good way to get rid of odors. Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a bowl to make a solution. Soak your hands for a few minutes in the resolution, and then wash them well with water. The vinegar will help get rid of the smell of the onions.

Stainless Steel Soap Bar

You can also use a soap bar made of stainless steel that is made to get rid of smells. Like a regular soap bar, you rub the stainless steel soap between your hands under running water and then rinse it off with water.

How long does the onion smell last on your hands?

The duration for which the smell of onion lingers on your hands can vary, but typically it can persist for several hours or even up to a day. 

The exact length of time depends on various factors, including personal hygiene practices, the amount of onion you handled, and the specific onion variety. 

Sulfur compounds that the skin can absorb are what give onions their odor. These compounds are volatile, meaning they can evaporate over time. However, they can penetrate the skin and be challenging to remove completely. 

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and paying attention to areas where the smell might be trapped, is an essential first step in eliminating the odor. 

Techniques like lemon juice or vinegar, rubbing hands with stainless steel, or employing odour-absorbing substances like coffee grounds or baking soda can help neutralize the smell. 

While these methods can be effective, it’s worth noting that individuals may have different sensitivities to the odor, so the duration of the smell on their hands can vary.

Why do my fingers smell like onions when you wake up?

If your fingers smell like onions when you wake up, there are a few potential reasons for this occurrence. Firstly, it’s possible that you consumed onions or handled onion-related items before going to bed. 

Even after washing your hands, sulfur compounds from onions can remain on the skin for some time. If you didn’t thoroughly cleanse your hands before sleeping, traces of the onion odor could remain and become more noticeable when you wake up.

 Additionally, your body temperature rises slightly during the night, leading to increased perspiration. If you perspire during sleep, any residual onion odor on your fingers may be released or intensified by the moisture, resulting in the onion smell when you wake up. 

To prevent this, wash your hands thoroughly before bedtime, paying attention to all areas where odor may linger. Using odor-neutralizing techniques such as lemon juice or vinegar and ensuring proper ventilation in your sleeping environment can also help minimize or eliminate the onion smell upon waking.

Final Words

In conclusion, several effective methods exist from get rid of the the onion smell on your hands. The duration of the smell can vary, but it generally lasts for several hours or up to a day. To eliminate the odor, start by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water, paying attention to areas where the smell may be trapped. Additionally, you can use lemon juice, vinegar, or odour-absorbing substances like baking soda or coffee grounds to neutralize the onion odor. Rubbing your hands against stainless steel objects or using activated charcoal can also help eliminate the smell. It’s important to note that prevention is key, so consider wearing gloves while handling onions to minimize contact with the odor-causing compounds. You can effectively remove the onion smell from your hands by employing these methods and maintaining good hand hygiene practices.

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