How to Stop Stomach Drop Feeling on Airplane?

Have you ever felt that sudden lurch in your Stomach when an airplane took off or descended? It feels unsettling and downright uncomfortable. The “stomach drop feeling” is what many people refer to this as during air travel. Fear not, because there are effective ways to stop it now. In a moment, we will examine how to stop the Stomach drop feeling on an airplane – some real-world strategies for conquering the Stomach drop feeling and making your next trip an easier, more enjoyable experience. These tips can work for everyone, from seasoned travelers to those who have flying jitters.

Why does your Stomach Drop on a Plane?

Here’s why, presented in an easy-to-understand format:

Changes in Air Pressure

With rapid changes in air pressure, airplanes taking off, climbing, or descending could impact the way you feel at any time. Your body is sensitive enough to these pressure discrepancies that they can give you the sensation of a dropping or floating Stomach. This is similar to fast elevators moving up and/or down through tall buildings.


Essentially, turbulence occurs when planes move through varied air currents while flying. When hitting these rough patches, it can lift up and down or jerk sideways unexpectedly as well. It is this abrupt movement that affects the inner ear responsible for balance and causes the feeling of the Stomach dropping.

Acceleration and Deceleration

When the airplane speeds up (acceleration) during takeoff or slows down (deceleration) upon landing, one may also experience a stomach drop. This happens due to inertia causing a difference between the speed of your body and its internal organs; while bodies remain still, all other parts continue moving at an earlier pace, resulting in fluttering feelings within oneself.

Psychological Factors

Anxiety or fear during flights can heighten physical sensations such as that which occurs in flight, too. Being anxious results in greater chances of reacting physically to every slight change – movements and surrounding conditions, thus making the feelings more severe.

Visual Cues

Sometimes, looking out the window during takeoff, turbulence, or landing can make your stomach feel like it is dropping. When our eyes see things moving or changing heights, it sends signals to our bodies that amplify the sensation we are feeling.

How to Stop Stomach Drop Feeling on an Airplane?

It’s common for people in an airplane to experience a stomach drop when taking off, during turbulence, and upon landing. But this is not pleasant; the good news is that there are ways you can reduce or stop this feeling. Here are some tips on how you can have a more comfortable flight through this quick guide.

Quick Tips to Stop Stomach Drop Feeling on Airplane

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water prior to and while onboard.
  • Focus on Breathing: Practice deep breathing so as not to be alarmed.
  • Choose Your Seat Wisely: Opt for seats over the wings for less turbulence.
  • Use Distractions: Listen to music, read a book, or watch a movie.
  • Eat Lightly: Avoid heavy meals before and during the ride.
  • Consider Over-the-Counter Remedies: Ginger or motion sickness medications may help.

Stay Hydrated

Avoiding dehydration is key while traveling. Dehydration can make the feeling of nausea worse and more than the usual Stomach drop. Minimally, take water before and during flights.

Consider Your Breath

Planes may make you feel like your Stomach has just fallen out. For instance, deep breaths can help reduce anxiety that leads to a stomach drop on an airplane. Take slow inhalations through your nostrils, hold your breath for a few seconds, then exhale slowly through your mouth.

Smart Seating

The center of gravity in an aircraft is usually above the wings, which are also responsible for buoyancy (Russo, 2015). Strapped over or close to this area should minimize the chances of feeling a stomach drop when flying.

Use Things That Distract You

Another way to prevent this sensation is by engaging the brain with something else and not focusing on it at all. You can put yourself into reading a good book, watching an interesting movie, or playing some good music that makes you feel free.

Eat Lightly

Eating heavy or spicy foods before/during a flight will cause more discomfort and intensify the Stomach drop effect. Go for light meals rather than things like that throughout the flight so as to keep comfortable.

Get Something Over-The-Counter

Ginger supplements and motion sickness remedies can be used if you find these tips not enough for you. The medication helps relieve symptoms of motion sickness, reducing the chance of experiencing what has been called ‘stomach droppers.’


It doesn’t matter how often one experiences their Stomach dropping on airplanes because it’s not meant to spoil any flight experience at all. By keeping yourself hydrated, focusing on breathing techniques, making smart seat choices, and distracting yourself from thoughts about air travel conditions like motion sickness in favor of other aspects such as light meals or medicinal aids bought from drug stores without doctors’ prescription, you are able to minimize or eliminate this phenomenon making your journey more pleasant.

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