How a Narcissist Treats You When You are Sick?

A narcissist often dismisses or minimizes your sickness, lacking empathy or support during your illness. When you are sick, a narcissist’s response can be far from comforting or caring.

They tend to downplay or ignore your illness, lacking empathy and failing to provide the support and care that you may need during such a vulnerable time. Instead, they may place their own needs and desires above yours, expecting you to continue catering to their needs even when you’re unwell.

Understanding how a narcissist treats you when you are sick can shed light on their lack of compassion and the unhealthy dynamics within the relationship. We will delve into the specific behaviours and patterns that narcissists exhibit when their partner or loved one is ill, providing insights for those who may be dealing with this challenging situation.

Unmasking Narcissistic Responses To Illness

When someone with narcissistic traits sees you’re sick, their response can be unsettling. The lack of empathy they display is a clear indicator of their self-centred nature. Instead of offering support, narcissists often resort to guilt-tripping scenarios, making you feel bad for being unwell. They might use phrases like “You’re always sick” or “You’re overreacting” to invalidate your emotions and diminish the severity of your illness.

Another way narcissists respond to your illness is by turning the focus on themselves. They may act as if your illness inconveniences them, making everything about their own needs and wants. They might complain about how your sickness is affecting their plans or how they have to take care of you, creating a narrative where they are the victim.

It’s important to recognize these narcissistic responses to illness, as it will help you understand the dynamics of the relationship. By being aware of their lack of empathy and self-centred behaviour, you can better protect yourself and seek support from other sources.

Tactics Narcissists Use During Your Vulnerability

Narcissists thrive on exerting power and control over others, and this behaviour often becomes more evident when a person is sick or vulnerable. When you are in a weakened state, a narcissist may employ various tactics to exploit further and manipulate you, including:

Gaslighting and Reality Distortion  

Narcissists are experts at gaslighting, a technique where they manipulate your perception of reality. They may deny your symptoms, downplay the severity of your illness, or accuse you of exaggerating for attention. This tactic is designed to make you doubt your own experiences and question your sanity.  

Withholding Care or Support  

Instead of providing the care and support you need, narcissists may withhold it as a means of asserting control. They may refuse to help with daily tasks, ignore your requests for assistance, or belittle your needs. This behaviour serves to diminish your worth and further establish your dominance.  

Exploiting Your Condition for Their Gain  

Narcissists are notorious for manipulating situations to their advantage. When you are sick, they may take advantage of your vulnerability to gain sympathy from others, obtain resources or attention for themselves, or use your illness as a weapon against you during conflicts.  

It is important to recognize these tactics and protect yourself from further harm. Seeking support from trusted friends, family, or professionals can provide a safe space to navigate these challenging situations. Remember, you deserve care and compassion, especially during times of vulnerability.

Protecting Yourself From Narcissistic Abuse In Sickness

When you are sick and dealing with a narcissist, it is crucial to protect yourself from further abuse. Setting boundaries becomes even more important during this vulnerable time. Be firm in stating your needs and expectations, clearly communicating what you will and will not tolerate. Remember, narcissists may try to manipulate or invalidate your feelings, but stay strong and assertive in defending yourself.

Seeking support systems outside of the relationship is essential for your well-being. Connect with friends, family, or support groups who will understand and validate your experiences. Talking to a therapist or counsellor can also provide you with guidance and coping strategies.

Engaging in self-care strategies is a powerful way to empower your healing journey. Prioritize your physical and emotional well-being by practising self-compassion, engaging in activities that bring you joy and relaxation, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, taking care of yourself is crucial in recovering from the effects of narcissistic abuse.


Dealing with a narcissist when you are sick can be an incredibly challenging and disheartening experience. Their lack of empathy and self-centred behaviour exacerbate your already vulnerable state, leaving you feeling unsupported and invalidated. It is important to recognize these patterns and set boundaries to protect your well-being.

Remember, your health and happiness should always be prioritized over the demands of a narcissist.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How A Narcissist Treats You When You Are Sick

How Do Narcissists Treat You When You’re Sick?

Narcissists often lack empathy and may belittle your illness, dismiss your symptoms, or even become angry with you for being unwell. They may manipulate the situation to make it all about themselves, refusing to offer support or help.

Do Narcissists Pretend To Care When You’re Sick?

Yes, narcissists may pretend to care when you’re sick, but their concern is usually superficial and self-serving. They may use your illness as an opportunity to gain attention and sympathy for themselves rather than genuinely caring about your well-being.

Why Do Narcissists Get Angry When You’re Sick?

Narcissists struggle with empathy and rarely prioritize the needs of others. When you’re sick, their anger may stem from feeling inconvenienced, not wanting to take on extra responsibilities, or being unable to put themselves first. Their ego-centric nature makes it difficult for them to cope with situations that don’t revolve around them.

How Do Narcissists React When You Need Their Help While Being Sick?

Narcissists may react negatively when you need their help while being sick. They may refuse to assist, make excuses, or make you feel guilty for inconveniencing them. Their inability to prioritize your needs often leads to a lack of support and understanding during your illness.

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