Why Should You Keep a Bread Clip in Your Wallet?

Are you seeking a clever and practical hack to optimize your daily routine? Look no further than the humble bread clip! While carrying this little piece of plastic in your wallet may seem unusual, it can provide numerous benefits. This article explores five compelling reasons Why Should You Keep a Bread Clip in Your Wallet? This simple trick might become your new favorite’s life hack, from organization to emergency solutions!

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What is a bread clip useful for?

A bread clip, a bread tie or closure, is a small and versatile tool with multiple uses. It is primarily used to seal bread bags, keeping the bread fresh. 

However, bread clips can also be repurposed for cable management, as temporary key identifiers, for temporary fixes or fastening, in craft and DIY projects, for marking and labelling, and as a tool for bag and food storage. 

The small size and flexibility of bread clips make them practical for various tasks and situations beyond their original purpose.

Why should you keep a bread clip in your wallet?

From improved organization and emergency solutions to resealing bags and providing added security, you’ll be amazed at how this small item can make a big difference. Here are five reasons to keep a bread clip in your wallet!

Enhanced Organization

Every little thing matters when it comes to keeping your wallet in order. By putting a bread clip on your important items, like reward cards, IDs, or folded bills, you can keep them in neat order in your wallet. No more fumbling around or trying to find the right card or bill when needed. With a bread clip, you can keep your wallet clean and easily access your needs.

Emergency Repairs

Imagine a situation where a button on your shirt falls off or a strap on your bag breaks out of the blue. Don’t worry! With a bread clip, you always have a quick fix at hand. These handy clips can be used as temporary button replacements, to tighten loose straps, or even to hold torn things together in a pinch. By keeping a bread clip on you, you’ll be ready for small situations and save yourself from stress.

Cord and Cable Management

Tangled cords and wires can be annoying, especially on the go. The bread clip is a great way to keep cords in order. Wrap your earphones, charger wires, or other cords around the clip to keep them in place. With this useful tip, your cords will stay neat, won’t get tangled, and will be easy to find when needed. Don’t waste time untangling a mess of wires anymore!

Chip Bag Resealing

Are you sick of old snacks and food that go to waste? The bread clip can save the day. If you can’t finish a bag of chips or other packed food, you can close it up again with a bread clip. The clip will stop air from entering the bag, so your snacks will stay fresh longer. With this easy tip, you can say goodbye to old treats and enjoy your favourite snacks at their best.

Temporary Wallet Closure

Have you ever had a wallet that wouldn’t stay shut? If your cards or cash fall out accidentally, it can be annoying and dangerous. By putting a bread clip on your wallet, you can keep it closed and prevent it from accidentally opening. This quick answer for closing your wallet ensures it stays shut, giving you peace of mind and extra daily security.

Why should you put a crayon in your wallet when travelling?

Carrying a crayon in your wallet when travelling can provide unexpected benefits and practical solutions in various situations. A crayon can come in handy if you need an emergency marker, entertainment for children, an improvised light source, or a temporary sealant. So, consider packing a crayon in your wallet and unlocking its versatile advantages during your travels.

Emergency Marker

You can use a crayon as a makeshift marker to write important information on temporary surfaces or to name your things. If you lose your luggage or misplace something, having a crayon on hand lets you make clear marks.

Children’s entertainment

Taking kids on a trip can be hard, but a crayon can easily keep them busy and happy. Whether they’re drawing in a book or on a placemat at a restaurant, a crayon lets kids be creative and have fun on long trips.

Improvised Light Source

You can use a crayon as a makeshift lamp when you need a small light source. By lighting the end of the crayon, you can create a brief flame that can help you find your way in the dark or give you some light when the power goes out.

Temporary Sealant

A pencil can be used as a temporary sealant when things have small problems, like leaks or holes. By melting the crayon and applying it to the problem area, the wax can fill in gaps and provide a quick fix until a more lasting answer can be found.


Who invented the bread clip?

The invention of the bread clip, also known as a bread tie, is attributed to Floyd G. Paxton. In 1952, Paxton, an employee of the Packaging Machinery Division of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company, designed and patented the first twist tie machine. This machine automated attaching a metal wire to the paper to create a closure for bread bags. Paxton’s invention revolutionized the bread packaging industry by providing a convenient and efficient method of sealing bread bags and preserving freshness.

Are bread clips recyclable?

Most bread clips, called bread ties, are made of plastic, usually low-density polyethene (LDPE). LDPE can be recycled, but whether or not bread clips can be recycled depends on where you live and how your local recycling centre works. In some places, bread clips can be recycled if made of a certain type of plastic that local recycling programs accept. But bread clips are often too small and light for recycling centres to sort and process efficiently. So, they might be considered contaminants and shouldn’t be put in recycling bins by the curb.

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